Kennel Ehlert

We are a small hobby breed, who lives in Vejle, Jylland.

We got our first litter Westies in the spring 2010.

Our own westies are primary family and show dogs, but our finest goal is to make some harmonic and healthy westies.

Almost every month we are driving around Denmark, Germany and other countries to show our white stars. Mathilde has been showing dogs since 2006, and she is doing very well.


Our history:
We got our first westie in 1999, before that we have had Golden Retrievers. We wanted a nice, small family dog and fell completely for "Rosa Bell"

Some years after we got a new westie from the same place, but she had very bad teeth. We had to return her to the breeder, with great sorrow.
Some years went by with our Rosa, before we dared to try the westiebreed again. As a former competition dressage rider, my daughter wanted to compete with dogs instead - that leaded us to Sønderdalen.
We bought our first real showbitch at a kennel in Frederikssund "Sønderdalens Sweet Heartbreaker" from Joan Dan. We couldn't say no to that little, beautiful princess. Her almond shaped eyes went all the way through our hearts, we were sold!

This bitch is in the daily life called Sweety, and is the mother of our first litter. See more about her and the others on the "Dogs" site.

We went to our first show with her in January 2009, and that was some kind of an experience. But we managed, and today we are one of the regulars.


Our puppies are very well socialized, and know about many noises (Children, cars, people, other dogs) and they have been out driving.


This was a little something about our dogs and us selves - some says that dogs are the mirrors of their owners - we think that is true.


Hanne & Mathilde - Kennel Ehlert.

In our kennel we occasionally have puppies for sale - contact us here

Enjoy the pictures below of our wonderful puppies from the former litters